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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Gaur Male Bandipur

Gaur – Largest Oxen in the world

Gaur (Male) often referred wrongly as bisons, these are some of the largest oxen species in the world. Males often grow very huge and muscular, its a site to see. This one from Bandipur National Park.

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My Site is now in Graph Paper Press Showcase List

Thx to Graph Paper Press my site is now in their Showcase List

Jhurjhura Tigress with her cubs – A sad end of a beautiful creature

This image is one of my most cherished moments of this Jhurjhura tigress with her cubs of previous litter in Bandhavgarh National Park, shot in April 2008. (although due to the dust of all the vehicles rushing to see her and her cubs, made for a not so nice image).  These were moments that i was captivated with and in awe when I witnessed how a tigress can be so loving with her cubs. Unfortunately I heard the news that […]

Stock Image Rights

Helpful information about copyright and licensing stock imagery

New site by Getty Images to educate people about the stock image rights.  Helpful information about copyright and licensing stock imagery.

Elephant Baby Eating Kabini Backwaters

Elephant Baby – Kabini Backwaters

This was shot near the Kabini backwaters in Nagarhole National Park, this was in the rainy season so every thing was lush green and it was raining slightly, fortunately the gypsy (a commonly used 4×4 vehicle in indian forest) was covered so i could take these photos in the rain. The Kabini Backwaters is one of the best places to photograph Asiatic elephants. In summers the backwater is the place to be if you want to photograph Indian or Asiatic […]

Bengal Tiger Backlit Bandhavgarh

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright – Photo of the day

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright This place is a wildilfe photographers delight specially if you love tigers, one of the best places to photograph wild tigers in India, Bandhavgarh National park, but beware, summers can be very hot with temps reaching 45 Deg Celsius in the months of may and june, but this is the time when tigers are easily sited near the water holes, I was tracking this tiger for nearly 2 hrs  and it had walked almost 2 km […]

nature photography by john shaw

Great Nature Wildlife Photography Books

These are some of the Best books for learning Nature and Wildlife Photography, I have only mentioned books that I have read and found valuable. Nature Photography Field Guide – John Shaw This is perhaps the one book that every beginning nature or wildlife photographer must read. It gives you detailed information about every thing from the basics of photography, terminology, equipment, great tips and techniques even for the advanced amateurs. If you want to buy only 1 book to […]

Asiatic Lion Census Gir 2010 concludes with a total of 411

The census for asiatic lions in Gir 2010 is over with 411 total lions. 97 males + 162 females + 152 cubs = 411 Good to hear they are increasing if the census is to be believed. Hope India creates another sanctuary for them. 🙂