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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Bengal Tiger in Grass

Bengal tiger glimpse in grass

B2 the dominant Male Bengal Tiger looking through the Grass in Bandhavgarh N.P. After the rains the forest becomes lush green and every where you find the white kash flowers seen here in the background. Here a male tiger called b2 hidden entirely in grass looks through with just his head visible.

Leopard Stalking in Pench

Leopard Stalking in Pench N.P.

Leopards are very elusive and I find them to be the most beautiful of the big cats. After searching for them in Pench National Park, India for 2 days, found this young one for just a few moments while it was stalking. It was in sight for only a few seconds and disappeared into the forest after a few clicks.

bengal tiger spotlight bandhavgarh

Bengal Tiger in spotlight

Shot this tiger as it was passing through the forest, a small patch of light gave a spotlight effect, in Bandhavgarh national park. I love the drama created by light and shadows here.