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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Rhino Color to Monochrome

Shot this recently one evening in Kaziranga on Although I love the color image I just wanted to convert it to a monochrome and see how it looks. Here is the BW conversion with a touch of sepia. I leave this to you guys to decide which one you think looks & feels better? Click to see more of kaziranga images

Bengal tiger backlit bandhavgarh

Bengal Tiger Backlit

For those who are not aware this is the new dominant male tiger from the famous bandhavgarh tiger reserve.  He has challenged and driven most of the male tigers from the tala zone of bandhavgarh. Due to his big territory he is seen in the tala zone once every 10-15 days. He is the son of the very famous tiger B2 who is himself the son of his more famous father charger.