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Monthly Archives: October 2012

colors patterns kingfisher

colors & patterns

Backgrounds play a very imp role in making the image pleasing. This little common kingfisher was flying through a pond in kanha national park  trying to catch some fish. This particular area of the pond had this pattern and the reflection of the sky and foliage made a nice background. I tried a few times and this one is my favourite frame. Following the bird and clicking continuously keeping the bg in mind worked. The colors, ripples and framing of […]

BW backlit langur

BW Backlit langur

The moment I shot this image I knew its not a good image in color but can be good in black and white. Sometimes images which dont even look like keepers in color turn out to be great BW. I used lightroom 4 to process it in bw. Langurs are such great subjects especially for backlit. Photographed this on my bandhavgarh tour using nikon d300 + nikkor 200-400 + monopod (or was it bean bag doesn’t matter as long as […]