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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Grey Jungle Fowl at tadoba

Grey Jungle Fowl

This is such a beautifull bird and I have tried several times to get a shot of it. Those who have tried to photograph this bird know how difficult it is, since it never stays in the place, as soon as you stop your vehicle it runs. I got lucky when these 2 (male & female) where busy feasting on the sweet Mahua flowers that fall down from the trees in Tadoba. Mahua flowers are eaten by most animals and […]

Leopard Silhouette

Leopard Silhouette

Saw this leopard sitting on the hill, it rained last night and was very misty morning. He was growling and even though was very far could here it as if he was near. looked like a big male. it was too far to get any details so I decided to make a silhouette. I think it worked to my advantage. Photographed using a nikon d800 + nikkor 200-400vr.

Dholes Running in Tadoba

Dhole running

Saw a group of 7 Dholes (Indian wild dogs) at Tadoba last week. Shot this one as it was running to catch up with the pack, another one running in the background. We were the only vehicle for some time so got a chance to position in the right direction. Photographed using nikon d800 +nikkor 200-400 vr + monopod.