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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Male Tiger Eye Contact

Male Tiger Eye Contact

Photographed this male tiger coming straight towards my vehicle few days ago at kanha. Getting a tiger looking straight at you is always a great feeling especially when its not very far. Over hear i got lucky when he came out of the forest with no vehicle behind in the frame. Only 2 vehicles were in front of him while the majority were behind him. Although i was manually focusing (camera malfunction) got this one right. It so much easier […]

Jackal cheetal Kill

Scavenger Jackal

Scavenger. Photographed this jackal trying to take a bite of the cheetal in Kanha, this was a fresh kill mostly by a leopard, it was close to the dirt track used by safari vehicles, so must have left it due to disturbance when one of them arrived. Usually leopards come back once the vehicles and humans are gone. Also many times the leopard kills are taken by tigers, so leopards have to take it into a safe place quickly. photographed […]

Tiger Kanha

Tiger from Kanha

Photographed this handsome male tiger on the last morning safari at kanha national park. We managed to get in front of him as soon as we got the chance when he entered the foliage for a few moments. From there on he walked following our vehicle for nearly 10 minutes, sometimes getting real close. A tiger walking close is always a treat especially when facing you. It is increased many folds when its a handsome male tiger as the difference […]