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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Tigress in water at Tadoba

tigress in water

Tigress resting in water in tadoba. Photographed using nikon d800 + 200400vr + ricebag.

Rajbehra Tigress from Bandhavgarh

Rajbehra Tigress

Rajbehra ‪#‎tigress‬ photographed after a long time in tala zone of bandhavgarh. Good news is that it is now confirmed that the forest officials have seen 4 tiny cubs of hers, cant wait to see them next season (hope they survive) and if they survice the monsoon then next season would be fun photographing little tigers. photographed using nikon d800+200400 + rice bag.

Patiha tiger cubs

Patiha tiger cubs

Patiha cubs, the family that has kept bandhavgarh alive & active this season apart from the rajbehra family. Frequent sightings of these has made the magdhi zone in demand. Photographed using Nikon d800 + 200400vr + ricebag in May 2015.

Indian garden lizard

Indian garden lizard

Indian garden lizard (‪#‎calotes‬ vesicolor). Common species can be great photo subjects. While at ‪#‎tadoba‬ waiting for a tiger found this lizard catching bees at a water body. busy with catching bees let us get close on ground. got as low as possible and shot this. taken with nikon 800 + 200400 + ricebag.