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Beginners Guide to Wildlife Photography Equipment

Beginners Guide to Wildlife Photography Equipment. The most common question in the mind of a beginning wildlife photographer is about what camera, lens, and other gear should they buy to start. Every new comer in initial days needs this info and we all have gone through this often searching on the net, magazines, books etc. Most often people think that having the most expensive camera and biggest lens is equivalent to capturing great wildlife photographs. Well to tell you the […]

Nikon Dslr D300

D300 atlast !!!

Hey guys after a long wait and one that really made me think how addicted i m to photography since i had already sold my d200 (didnt know d300 would not be easily available) and i was left with no digital slr for 15 days. This especially was aggravated by the fact that i had just bought the nikon 200-400vr lens and barely tested it from my window for a day or two. Well for those who are surprised why […]

Digicabi Dehumidifier

Staying in mumbai can be a nightmare for your photographic equipment, you need to protect your equipment from the elements specially humidity. I used to keep my lenses in a air tight box with some silica gell, it works if you are obsolutely carefull and regularly keep fresh silica (but the overhead of baby sitting the equipment is simply too much – atleast for me). After my recent acquisition of the new lense (200-400 vr) i couldnt take any chances […]

Nikor 200400vr lens

My New Toy

After a lot of reading, brain drain and going through almost most forums and articles for a lot time now, i finally decided yesterday and went to place my order for a Nikon 200 – 400 vr lens and guess what there was one already available (i was expecting to wait for atleast 15 – 30 days) and i got it home immediately. Ofcourse the closest competitor were the 300 2.8 or 400 2.8 (weight & size was big no […]

Spyder2Pro Monitor callibration

Got my spyder2pro calibrator. Yes till now have been using the adobe gamma. Now that i have my monitor callibrated got to process a lot of image to put on my site.