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Jhurjhura Tigress with her cubs – A sad end of a beautiful creature

This image is one of my most cherished moments of this Jhurjhura tigress with her cubs of previous litter in Bandhavgarh National Park, shot in April 2008. (although due to the dust of all the vehicles rushing to see her and her cubs, made for a not so nice image).  These were moments that i was captivated with and in awe when I witnessed how a tigress can be so loving with her cubs. Unfortunately I heard the news that […]

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New site by Getty Images to educate people about the stock image rights.  Helpful information about copyright and licensing stock imagery.

Asiatic Lion Census Gir 2010 concludes with a total of 411

The census for asiatic lions in Gir 2010 is over with 411 total lions. 97 males + 162 females + 152 cubs = 411 Good to hear they are increasing if the census is to be believed. Hope India creates another sanctuary for them. 🙂

Free Photography Course by ArtWolfe

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Slide Show Added :)

Added slide show on my site. Found this very nice flash slideshow called Mono Slide Show quite simple and flexible for my use. See it work here on my siteTalat Khalid’s Slide Show

Welcome Holy Month of Ramzan

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahamtullahi Wa Barakatu. May Allah forgive our sins and bestow his blessings and peace on those who seek his forgiveness, blessings and peace. Inshaallah Ramzan Mubarak

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Hi all, On the 15th of august 2007 my site was launched after a long waiting list. Till now i have been working on the site in bits and pieces and there still a long way to go. First i need to add some more images (atleast those that are my favourites). I think i ll start writing a bit more, cannot be sure i ll get time.:) regards Talat Khalid