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D300 atlast !!!

Nikon Dslr D300
Nikon Dslr D300

Hey guys after a long wait and one that really made me think how addicted i m to photography since i had already sold my d200 (didnt know d300 would not be easily available) and i was left with no digital slr for 15 days. This especially was aggravated by the fact that i had just bought the nikon 200-400vr lens and barely tested it from my window for a day or two.

Well for those who are surprised why i have switched from the excellent d200, the reason for this is the image quality and better noise handling of the d300 and to some extent the new autofocus (hope it proves better than d200s autofocus which never was a hurdle except for very low light).

Cant wait to take this new combo (d300+200400vr) and do some quick test and probably get some nice images too 🙂

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