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Digicabi Dehumidifier

Staying in mumbai can be a nightmare for your photographic equipment, you need to protect your equipment from the elements specially humidity. I used to keep my lenses in a air tight box with some silica gell, it works if you are obsolutely carefull and regularly keep fresh silica (but the overhead of baby sitting the equipment is simply too much – atleast for me). After my recent acquisition of the new lense (200-400 vr) i couldnt take any chances and ofcourse i didnt find a airtight box that this lens fits into and so decided to get this 100 ltrs digicabi dehumidifier (have to see how good it is, ofcourse the reviews are ok) enough for all my current equipment and still got space for some more equipment in the future.

I bought it from

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  1. Where did you get your digiCabi and how much did it cost? I am in Mumbai 11-15 and am trying to find one. Please email me.
    Tom Hardin

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