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My New Toy

Nikor 200400vr lens
Nikor 200400vr lens

After a lot of reading, brain drain and going through almost most forums and articles for a lot time now, i finally decided yesterday and went to place my order for a Nikon 200 – 400 vr lens and guess what there was one already available (i was expecting to wait for atleast 15 – 30 days) and i got it home immediately.
Ofcourse the closest competitor were the 300 2.8 or 400 2.8 (weight & size was big no no, ofcourse its ability to drain my bank account :))

I chose the zoom over the prime for only one reason the flexibility & ability to compose and frame the shot, in the wild this makes a lot of difference, and since i primarily shoot big mammals this is perfect for me (300 – 600 on digital dx), ofcourse i lost one stop but the VR would compensate for atleast most situations when not much action is happening. i have missed lot of shots cause i was not able to either get close or more often move away and i think the zoom would give me that flexibility.

Cant wait to take it out for a shoot. 🙂

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