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Great Nature Wildlife Photography Books

These are some of the Best books for learning Nature and Wildlife Photography, I have only mentioned books that I have read and found valuable.

nature photography by john shaw
nature photography by john shaw

Nature Photography Field Guide – John Shaw
This is perhaps the one book that every beginning nature or wildlife photographer must read. It gives you detailed information about every thing from the basics of photography, terminology, equipment, great tips and techniques even for the advanced amateurs. If you want to buy only 1 book to start learning about nature or wildlife photography then this is the book.

John Shaw’s Focus on Nature – John Shaw This is another great book that looks at the aesthetics of images.

There are a few other books by John Shaw and I am sure the other books are equally good.

Art of photographing nature
Art of photographing nature

The Art of Photographing Nature – Art Wolfe & Martha Hill

Once you have mastered what is given in the above books by John Shaw i would definitely recommend to read this book. This is not a how-to book, but a evaluation and critic by Art Wolfe and Martha Hill side by side about some great images by art wolfe. It shows why an image works and why another image doesn’t. Composition, light, focal length, angle etc

The Art of Bird Photography – Arthur Morris

Art of Bird Photography
Art of Bird Photography

If you are interested in Birds and want to learn about bird photography, then this is the book to get. Its a great resource for any one trying to improve bird photography skills.

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  1. How can I get this book in India,specially by VPP ?

    I am interested in bird photography,and photographed many birds in my area.

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