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Shooting Tigers – Tip1

Mirchani Tiger Cub
Mirchani Tiger Cub
Mirchani Tiger Cub

After photographing tigers for so many years have learned a few lessons. Sharing this so that you may find helpfull.

When photographing tigers most of us can get so exited and thrilled that we tend to get lost in enjoying the moment and forget some basic things that need to be taken care of (myself included). When shooting a tiger you need to expose for the white areas on the face, they tend to easily get overexposed and blown out especially in bright light.

A good image can be ruined just cause you overexposed the face white areas. With digital you can always check the histogram and in most dslr you can even set to check overexposed areas in the image.

Happy Shooting.

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  1. I am a wild life lover and experienced a lot in Jim Corbett,Ranthambore,Sariska and every time I was lucky to watch Tigers,Cubs,Leopard and Elephants etc.I am using Sony alpha58 with zoom of 55 to 200 lenses. I have little knowledge about Cameras and wanted to be start my career in the same field. Kindly guide.I am persuing my PG in English Literature and did my graduation in Tourism.

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