Jhurjhura Tigress with her cubs – A sad end of a beautiful creature

Jhurjhura tigress with her cubs

This image is one of my most cherished moments of this Jhurjhura tigress with her cubs of previous litter in Bandhavgarh National Park, shot in April 2008. (although due to the dust of all the vehicles rushing to see her and her cubs, made for a not so nice image).  These were moments that i was captivated with and in awe when I witnessed how a tigress can be so loving with her cubs. Unfortunately I heard the news that this tigress is now dead and circumstances of her death still not clear. I am saddened not only cause there are so few tigers left in the wild but also as she was one I knew and have so many beautiful memories of.

5 Responses to “Jhurjhura Tigress with her cubs – A sad end of a beautiful creature”

  1. Intazar Ahmad says:

    beautiful picture.

  2. litttle miss animal freak says:

    ooh lovely pic and so sad that she had to die lovely animals who am i kidding every animal is beautiful oh except for those evil poachers tehhehe tehehe lol

  3. It sure is amazing,,,,

  4. Nadira says:

    What happened to her cubs……did they shift to anr territory or did they stay on in BNP……which zone

  5. admin says:

    her cubs were kept in enclosure for some years in magdhi. i think atleast 1 was released in the wild and 1 got killed (not sure). no clue of where they are now.

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