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Angry Young Tigress in Tadoba

Angry Young Tigress at Tadoba
Angry Young Tigress in Tadoba

Shot this young female tigress on the morning safari at Tadoba, She was the last to cross after her mother and 4 of her younger siblings (4-5 months). She seems to be from the earlier litter still hanging out with her mother and new siblings. It was fantastic to see them come out one after the other 6 tigers total. Photographed using nikon d800 + 200-400vr on bean bag. P.P on my laptop (not calibrated since a month).

2 thoughts on Angry Young Tigress in Tadoba

  1. waaow. this was such a fantastic capture. can i get to see the family picute. mother and all cubs 🙂
    do u have that?

  2. I do have a few images but they are not that good or sharp as they ran towards the other side before anyone predicted.

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