Barasingha in Golden Light

Barasingha Golden light

Rare Barasingha or swamp deer, the Hardground barasinghas (Rucervus duvauceli branderi) is found only in Kanha. Shot this a few days ago in Kanha, this male was unusually comfortable walking on the dirt track used by vehicle and also by the tigers. He walked almost 1.5 kms with us. I like to take images that have a play of light and this one works well. The Golden light just reflects on his body and antlers. Shot with a nikon d300 + nikkor 200-400 vr @f4, 1/320s, Aperture priority, Matrix metering -0.7EV, ISO 200. Shot on 15 Jan 2011.

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  2. Ajay Kumar Tharavath says:

    All the images from your 2011 kanha trip are beautiful. My personal favourite is the image of the barasingha in golden light . Image 4 was also wonderful.



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