Langur Mother and Baby

langur mother baby

langur mother baby

Saw this Langur mother feeding the baby, sitting on the wall on the periphery of the Bandhavgarh National Park. I have another frame where the both mother and baby are looking at me but I seem to like this more. Langurs have a lot of character and can be very interesting subjects. It is always refreshing to see them socializing and the young playing. Photographed using a Nikon d300 and Nikkor 200-400 vr lens on a monopod.

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  1. Nadira says:

    They r very naughty n I just enjoy their antics b it nit picking or shelling peanuts their hands r so slender it’s lovely to watch these rogues..they r full of energy n if u remember may 2015 when Kankati displayed her antics at the artificial saucer she in fact made a dive for a langur n the smart guy gave her the slip …… That made her stare at him n then she sat down with her back to us…. I can never forget the smartness of the langur …. I call them hanuman ji…..

  2. admin says:

    Yes they are lovely animals and fun to watch and photograph. yes i was amazed how fast the tigress went and still the langurs managed to escape.

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