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Leopard with 2 cubs

leopard with cubs at kanha
Photographed using Nikon d300+nikkor 200-400vr+monopod

Recently on my tour of Kanha we were lucky on our last safari and saw this leopard family. We were the first vehicle on morning safari  in the sarhi zone and as we rushed to track tigers we heard a sambar call and slowed down and as we moved over the turns of the hilly terain trying to locate the area of the call we saw this family sitting on this rock. Being the only vehicle for about a minute was a privilege. Although it was not a clear view with lots of leaves, Just managed to use the monopod, stood over the gypsy seat to get a somewhat clear view for this shot. When I shot this image I saw only the mother and 1 cub, someone said theres a 3rd one, I saw him through the viewfinder barely visible and was peaking on the right of the tree. Leopard sightings are very rare, and when you see them they are usually far or running across. This one was special with 2 cubs. After this shot the mother got up and walked away and the cubs followed. Other vehicles arrived and we saw the family walking away far off in the thicket. We waited for some time as they disappeared.

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