pandarpuni tigress from tadoba

Pandarpuni Tigress of Tadoba

Pandarpuni Tigress of Tadoba

My Favorite tigress from tadoba from pandarpuni area also called as pandarpuni tigress. She is one of the most photographer friendly tigress, this shot taken just before she past by my vehicle a feet away. She has given birth to 2 cubs, hopefully we will have a very good season next year with many cubs in tadoaba and elsewhere.

shot with nikon d300 + nikkor 200-400 vr and bean bag.

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  1. Nadira says:

    Saw u in Bandhavgarh n again in tadoba with 2 different ladies n that set my antennas go beep beep ….. Realised there is something more to u n u were not just an ordinary tourist…….found out from the forester n was informed ….did goggle search n have read quite a bit on u …. Very informative site bt cld u give the year n month too in which the pics were taken as eg. I wld love to see yr pics this year of Bandhavgarh n tadoba to compare with mine …..of course yrs is going to b more superior to my novice n amateurish photography … Bt nonetheless wld love to chk it out……..thank u…….

  2. Nadira says:

    Sorry wanted to know did u sight her this year in May ….27 or 28 or 29 th may

  3. Nadira says:

    Is this tigress by any chance maya

  4. admin says:

    Thanks for visiting my website & commenting. Yes she is the one called maya. I didn’t see her now in May atleast by 30th may morning, have 1 more safari in 30th evening hope to see her. This was taken around march 2014.
    Still in tadoba, will definitely update some images taken recently once home. See you again.

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