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Rajbahra Tigress

tigress rajbahra bandhavgarh
tigress shot at rajbahra, bandhavgarh

Photographed this tigress today morning at Rajbajra in Bandhavgarhs Tala zone. This female also known as rajbahra tigress as she is often seen in the grassland area of rajbahra, has four grown up cubs (almost 2 years). She was just out on the road and barely there in this grass. Got a few other shots of her in the open, but like this composition, looks more in her habitat. With 4 – 5 vehicles around, shooting a tiger is not only a photographers skill but equally important is the vehicle drivers skill. For this shot its definitely worth mentioning as it is my driver who put me in the right spot when needed. Shot this with nikon d300 + nikkor 200-400 vr lens.

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