Rajbehra Tigress

Rajbehra Tigress from Bandhavgarh

Rajbehra Tigress from Bandhavgarh

Rajbehra ‪#‎tigress‬ photographed after a long time in tala zone of bandhavgarh. Good news is that it is now confirmed that the forest officials have seen 4 tiny cubs of hers, cant wait to see them next season (hope they survive) and if they survice the monsoon then next season would be fun photographing little tigers.
photographed using nikon d800+200400 + rice bag.

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  1. Nadira says:

    It seems next season the situs will shift from Magdhi to Tala provided sighting is easy…..bt I’m sure there will b a lot of activity next season in both the zones each will give the other tough competition…….good luck to all of u …….

  2. Nadira says:

    Rajbhera …….
    I don’t know how she got her name bt she seems very pretty n young …. What wld Her age be……..

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