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Tiger from Kanha

Tiger Kanha
Tiger Kanha

Photographed this handsome male tiger on the last morning safari at kanha national park. We managed to get in front of him as soon as we got the chance when he entered the foliage for a few moments. From there on he walked following our vehicle for nearly 10 minutes, sometimes getting real close. A tiger walking close is always a treat especially when facing you. It is increased many folds when its a handsome male tiger as the difference in size of the animal itself adds to the experience. To add to all the excitement my camera wouldn’t auto-focus, maybe dust or something else but with just seconds to shoot between a moving vehicle and a tiger too close to shoot, I had a hard time focusing manually. Got some acceptable images including this one, could have been really sharp with the auto-focus working. Photographed with nikon d800 + nikkor 200-400vr.

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