Tiger in habitat

Tiger cub bandhavgarh banbaiTypical ‪tiger‬ ‪habitat‬ of ‪bandhavgarh‬. One of the Banbai sub-adults seen last year in 2014. They are not to be seen this year, hope they have gone and established their territory elsewere. Photographed using nikon d800+200400vr+ricebag.

5 Responses to “Tiger in habitat”

  1. Nadira says:

    How did u access this place …did u use the optimum zoom to click him ?

  2. Nadira says:

    Is this a male ????i think so looking at it hind thigh which is pretty muscular in comparison to a female tigress

  3. admin says:

    yes these were 2 male cubs of banbai female, they were last seen in 2014.

  4. admin says:

    He was quite far and not sure if I shot it at 400 or less mm. this is the ghora dam area of tala zone.

  5. Nadira says:

    I didn’t enter Tala zone at all …. Was told not to…..as there was not much movement there…. So didn’t get a glimpse of rajbhera too………

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