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Tigress Closeup from kanha

Collared Tigress Kanha
shot with nikon d300 + nikkor 200-400 vr, 1/800 @f4, -2/3 EV, ISO 400, 400 mm

After lot of cheetal and langur alarms calls and few distant glimpses for about an hour, I decided to wait near a jungle trail frequently used by tigers and other animals where we thought she would come out from. There was silence for about 15 mins and the wait to get a close look was nearing the end of our safari time. We thought she had settled down and would not come out but just as we were loosing hope the alarm started very close and before we could realize she emerged in front of the vehicle, my driver quickly reversed the vehicle to give her way. This is one of the shots I took after reversing the vehicle, still close @400mm. With a tigress so close the adrenalin rush was high. In situations like these it is easy to spoil the image forget making a sharp image. I took a few shots and then just watched her pass by.

I wish the radio collar was not there, I feel bad about the tigress carrying such a huge weight around, it was placed for some research a few years ago hopefully benefiting the species, the research is over and even after more than a year the collar still remains. Hope it falls off soon.

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