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Tigress Running

Tigress Running

Posting after some time now from kanha, this is shot in Kanha a 2 days ago on our January tour. My tour group saw this tigress chasing a jackal, the jackal actual seemed to just stay there and call this tigress as if to divert attention towards it, probably trying to protect pups by diverting attention. the light here was perfect and one thing i observed here is the tigress coat is much brighter than most tigers i have seen. yes the tigress here has a radio collar which was a huge distraction but never mind the action compensated for it. This is image is not processed much just the levels alittle and full frame and even settings are not for vivid color just standard. I loved the light here.

Shot with Nikon 200-400 vr lens + d300 on monopod. @f4, 400 iso , underexposed by -0.7, 1/2000 shutter speed

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