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Tiger Cubs after Rains at Bandhavgarh
15th Feb 18

Tiger cubs after rain

Tiger Cubs after Rain. The rain stopped and these guys came out. The forest...
Tiger Cubs on Village Wall at Tadoba
31st Jan 18

Tiger Cubs on Village Wall

Tiger cubs on a old village wall in Tadoba. Photographed using Nikon d4s+200400vr. #wildlifephotography...
Tigress maya in waterhole at tadoba
25th Jan 18

tigress cooling in waterhole

Tigress Maya of Tadoba cooling in the waterhole. Small details like the tail make...
Tiger swimming in Tadoba
23rd Jan 18

Tiger Swimming in Tadoba

Tiger swimming across the Telia lake in Tadoba. Photographed using the nikon d4s +...
Leopard after sunset at bera
22nd Dec 17

Leopard after sunset at Bera

Photographed this beautiful mother leopard at bera just after sunset. She was sitting there...
Leopard shooting with Nikon1 v3 and FT1 Adaptor
12th Dec 17

Leopard shooting with Nikon1 v3 and FT1 Adaptor

Leopard shooting with Nikon1 V3 and FT1 Adaptor + Nikkor 200400vr + 1.4x +beanbag...
Tiger Cub Cooling in Water in Tadoba
7th Dec 17

Tiger Cub Cooling off

  Tiger cub cooling in the summer heat in Tadoba. Photographed using Nikon D4s...
Tiger Matkasur Tadoba
13th Nov 17

Matkasur – Tiger King

Matkasur is the name of this handsome young tiger from Tadoba. I was awestruck...
Leopard of Jawai Bera Hills
13th Nov 17

Leopard of Jawai Bera Hills

Leopard of Jawai Bera Hills. Photographed recently using Nikon D4s+200400vr+1.4x handheld
15th Sep 16

Tiger Cub

Tiger cub of the Rajbehra tigress, standing on the dirt track just before crossing....
15th Sep 16

Capped langur

Capped langur with baby backlit at kaziranga N.P. Photographed with nikon D4s+200400vr+1.4x.
tigress cubs water tadoba talat
3rd May 16

Tigress with cubs at waterhole

Fantastic sighting of tigress (maya) with her 3 cubs at the waterhole. it was...
peacock ranthambore monochrome
3rd May 16

Peacock Sillhoutte

Peacock Silhoutte Shot at the entrance of ranthambore gate in the evening. photographed using...
tigress cubs bandhavgarh
2nd May 16

Tigress with cubs

Fantastic sighting of Rajbehra tigress with her 4 little cubs. Hate to say i...
26th Feb 16

Royal Walk of Tigress Noor T39 in monochrome

Tigress noor t39 in monochrome at ranthambore walking behind our vehicle. The difference between...
26th Feb 16

Tigress Marking Territory Ranthambore

Sub adult Tigress sent marking her territory (one of the T19 Cubs in ranthambore),...
16th Jan 16

Young tigress staring

      Sub-adult tigress cub of tigress t19. staring at us after a...
16th Jan 16

Tigers crossing dry riverbed

  Tigers (mother and sub-adult cub) crossing the dry river bed rocks in corbett....
Elephant Scape Kaziranga Lake
24th Dec 15

Elephant scape in kaziranga lake

  Elephant feeding on water plants in Kaziranga lake in agaratoli range. This place...
2nd Aug 15

Young Tigress in monotone

An old image from bandhavgarh N. P. around 2011 approx that i never posted,...
Sambar stag in kanha
2nd Aug 15

Sambar stag

Sambar stag found just after the rains in Kanha’s sarhi zone. This is january...
tigress rajbehra bandhavgarh blackandwhite
24th Jul 15

Rajbehra tigress in black and white

Rajbehra tigress in morning sunlight at bandhavgarh N.P.. black and white. Photographed using nikon...
Tigress in water at Tadoba
23rd Jun 15

tigress in water

Tigress resting in water in tadoba. Photographed using nikon d800 + 200400vr + ricebag.
Rajbehra Tigress from Bandhavgarh
17th Jun 15

Rajbehra Tigress

Rajbehra ‪#‎tigress‬ photographed after a long time in tala zone of bandhavgarh. Good news...
Patiha tiger cubs
4th Jun 15

Patiha tiger cubs

Patiha cubs, the family that has kept bandhavgarh alive & active this season apart...
Indian garden lizard
3rd Jun 15

Indian garden lizard

Indian garden lizard (‪#‎calotes‬ vesicolor). Common species can be great photo subjects. While at...
Tiger cub bandhavgarh banbai
18th May 15

Tiger in habitat

Typical ‪tiger‬ ‪habitat‬ of ‪bandhavgarh‬. One of the Banbai sub-adults seen last year in...
Tigress Noor Cub
15th May 15

Tigress Noor Cub

Remembering the fantastic sighting of Tigress ‪#‎Noor‬ with her 2 cubs in ‪#‎ranthambore‬ in...
neelgai egret velavadar
13th Jan 15

Neelgai with egret

A female neelgai (bluebull) with egret, a common scene at Velavadar. Male neelgais are...
Tigress looking at sambar deers
6th Jan 15

Tigress watching sambar deer

Shot this in tadoba near the telia lake area. Its always nice to watch...
Pandarpuni Tigress of Tadoba
29th Jul 14

pandarpuni tigress from tadoba

My Favorite tigress from tadoba from pandarpuni area also called as pandarpuni tigress. She...
Tiger cubs of t39 Noor Ranthambore
30th Jun 14

Tiger cubs of t39 Noor Ranthambore

3-4 month old cubs from Ranthambore tigress Noor (T39). Even at 1600 ISO I...
Tigress Noor with Cub at Ranthambore
28th Jun 14

Tigress Noor with cub

3-4 month old cub runs in front of mother Tigress Noor (T39) from Ranthambore...
Male Tiger Eye Contact
28th May 14

Male Tiger Eye Contact

Photographed this male tiger coming straight towards my vehicle few days ago at kanha....
Jackal cheetal Kill
20th May 14

Scavenger Jackal

Scavenger. Photographed this jackal trying to take a bite of the cheetal in Kanha,...
Tiger Kanha
18th May 14

Tiger from Kanha

Photographed this handsome male tiger on the last morning safari at kanha national park....
Tigress Kankatti of Bandhavgarh
16th Apr 14

Tigress profile

Photographed this tigress who is only 1 eye, her left eye was damaged in...
Tiger shravantal kanha
13th Apr 14

Tiger at kanha

photographed this tiger sitting on the shravan tal in kanha. photographed using a d800+200-400vr.
Grey Jungle Fowl at tadoba
23rd Mar 14

Grey Jungle Fowl

This is such a beautifull bird and I have tried several times to get...
Leopard Silhouette
2nd Mar 14

Leopard Silhouette

Saw this leopard sitting on the hill, it rained last night and was very...
Dholes Running in Tadoba
1st Mar 14

Dhole running

Saw a group of 7 Dholes (Indian wild dogs) at Tadoba last week. Shot...
Angry Young Tigress at Tadoba
21st Feb 14

Angry Young Tigress in Tadoba

Shot this young female tigress on the morning safari at Tadoba, She was the...
Gaur at Tadoba
12th Feb 14

Gaur at tadoba

Photographed this Gaur (largest oxen in the world, also known as Indian Bison) in...
Tiger at waterhole Tadoba
26th Jan 14

Tiger at waterhole in tadoba

Photographed this Young Male about 4 yrs old known as the katejari male in...
Tiger cub in kanha after rains
21st Jan 14

tiger cub at kanha

It was fantastic to stay inside kanha forest, the weather was teasing us, it...
Harrier sunset acacia velavadar
4th Jan 14

Sunset at Velavadar

Photographed this Harrier at sunset sitting on a acacia tree at Velavadar Sanctuary in...
Golden Asiatic Lion
27th Dec 13

Golden Asiatic Lion

The last of the asiatic lions are found in Sasan Gir, India. Photographed this...
tigress rajbahra bandhavgarh
19th Nov 13

Rajbahra Tigress

Photographed this tigress today morning at Rajbajra in Bandhavgarhs Tala zone. This female also...
langur mother baby
16th Jun 13

Langur Mother and Baby

Saw this Langur mother feeding the baby, sitting on the wall on the periphery...
Tiger sisters of tadoba
10th Jun 13

Tiger Sisters of Tadoba

These 2 sisters out of the 4 sub-adult siblings are from the Telia area...
leopard with cubs at kanha
11th Apr 13

Leopard with 2 cubs

Recently on my tour of Kanha we were lucky on our last safari and...
1st Apr 13

Tigers Playing in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

Just returned from a fantastic Tadoba & kaziranga tour. These are the 2 sisters...
colors patterns kingfisher
31st Oct 12

colors & patterns

Backgrounds play a very imp role in making the image pleasing. This little common...
BW backlit langur
5th Oct 12

BW Backlit langur

The moment I shot this image I knew its not a good image in...
Elephant calfs kaziranga
29th Sep 12

Elephant with calfs

Elephants are such a thrill to photograph whether young or old they are always...
Eid ul fitr Mubarak
20th Aug 12

Eid ul Fitr Mubarak

“There is none worthy of worship except ALLAH and Mohammad is his Messenger.” “Actions...
rhino mother & calf from kaziranga
12th Aug 12

rhino mother and calf

I was lucky to see this young one horned indian rhino probably few weeks...
tigress snarling kanha
6th Aug 12

Snarling Tigress

Photographed this tigress in kanha meadows. She crossed in front between the vehicles without...
albino gaur calf
4th Aug 12

Albino Gaur Calf

A white gaur (albino) calf shot in kanha national park sometime in feb 2012....
Monotone Bird
27th May 12

Monotone Bird

Recently I started trying out black and white conversions in Lightroom 4, I am...
Adobe India Online Store
28th Apr 12

Buy Adobe Products Online in India

Finally you can buy adobe products like Photoshop, Lightroom etc from their online store...
tiger closeup portrait photo bandhavgarh
22nd Mar 12

Tiger portrait

Photographed this Young Male tiger called the Patiha male in Bandhavgarh tiger reserve last...
Munna male tiger of kanha
14th Feb 12

Male tiger of Kanha

A male tiger walking in open meadows is a wildlife photographers delight. A male...
4th Feb 12

Tiger cub playing with camera trap

Yesterday on our safari of Wildlife photo tours at bandhavgarh, we spotted tigress called...
22nd Nov 11

Legendary Tiger B2 Dead

B2 the legendary tiger who dominated bandhavgarh forest for...
Tiger Drinking
18th Nov 11

Tiger Drinking

Photographed this young tiger last year from mirchani tigress in bandhavgarh N.P.  After few...
asiatic male elephant kaziranga
11th Oct 11

Asiatic Male Elephant

Photographing Elephants specially Tuskers (only male asiatic elephants have tusk and hence referred as tusker) is...
crowned spotted deer
8th Sep 11

Crowned Deer

Photographed this cheetal (spotted deer) in Kanha national park. I had expected to see...
Eid-Mubarak | Photo of Taj Mahal
31st Aug 11

Eid-Mubarak | photo of TajMahal

EID MUBARAK – Today is Eid-ul-Fitr in India, the festival of Islam celebrated after...
hogdeer kaziranga
23rd Aug 11

Hog Deer – Kaziranga

One of the best place to see and photograph Hog deer is kaziranga national...
Collared Tigress Kanha
31st Jul 11

Tigress Closeup from kanha

After lot of cheetal and langur alarms calls and few distant glimpses for about...
Asian Elephant Kaziranga
15th Jul 11

Asian Elephant in Kaziranga

Shot this male asian elephant in Kaziranga national park. The ash colored mud of...
27th Jun 11

Rhino Color to Monochrome

Shot this recently one evening in Kaziranga on Although I love the color...
Bengal tiger backlit bandhavgarh
22nd Jun 11

Bengal Tiger Backlit

For those who are not aware this is the new dominant male tiger from...
Rhino charging in kaziranga
2nd May 11

Kaziranga – Land of the Indian Rhino

Just back from a fantastic week long trip to Kaziranga in the north-east corner...
15th Apr 11

Rajbehra Tigress in water

This was shot recently in bandhavgarh on 31 March 2011. Every time I passed...
Tigress Barasingha Kanha
31st Jan 11

Glimpses of Kanha in January 2011

Wildlife Photography Tour, Kanha in January 2011. My First Wildlife Photo Tour of the...
Barasingha Golden light
25th Jan 11

Barasingha in Golden Light

Rare Barasingha or swamp deer, the Hard–ground barasinghas (Rucervus duvauceli branderi) is found only...
Tigress Running
19th Jan 11

Tigress Running

Posting after some time now from kanha, this is shot in Kanha a 2...
House sparrow Passer domesticus
20th Dec 10

House sparrow Passer domesticus

Shot this from my window a few years ago, this once commonly found bird...
B2 and the Langur
10th Dec 10

Tiger and the langur

Here a langur monkey sits near the entrance of a cave where the dominant...
8th Dec 10

Islamic New Year

Happy New Year Today is the new Hijri year, Islamic New Year, 1st Muharram, ...
bengal tiger cub behind the tree
4th Nov 10

Tiger cub behind the tree

With more than 20 vehicles lined to photograph this tiger cub including the BBC...
28th Oct 10

Call of the tiger – exibition

Those who are in Delhi can visit this tiger photo exhibition. A few of...
bengal tiger bokha flehmen bgarh
5th Oct 10

Tiger – flehmen behaviour

Bokha one of the dominant males in bandhavgarh. He was courting a tigress nearby...
Male Painted spurfowls confronting
14th Sep 10

Male Painted Spurfowls fighting

Shot with a Nikon D300 + Nikon 200-400vr lens These male painted spurfowls rarely...
Peacock showing its features
11th Sep 10


The month of Ramazan is that in which the Quran was revealed, a guidance...
Image of Young Elephant Trunk Trumpeting
18th Aug 10

Image of Young Elephant trumpeting

This is an old image from my fav forest Bandipur, spent some amazing time...
Mirchani tigress in bandhavgarh
2nd Aug 10

Wildlife Photography in India, some advice and tips to consider.

Hello my wild-lifer friends and Photographers, if you are visiting India for nature or...
26th Jul 10

Beginners Guide to Wildlife Photography Equipment

Beginners Guide to Wildlife Photography Equipment. The most common question in the mind of...
Wild Tiger tour bandhavgarh november
7th Jul 10

Wild Tiger Photography Safari and Tour

Bookings Open for Wild Tiger Photography Safari & Tour in november at bandhavgarh national...
Bengal Tiger in Grass
30th Jun 10

Bengal tiger glimpse in grass

B2 the dominant Male Bengal Tiger looking through the Grass in Bandhavgarh N.P. After...
Leopard Stalking in Pench
26th Jun 10

Leopard Stalking in Pench N.P.

Leopards are very elusive and I find them to be the most beautiful of...
bengal tiger spotlight bandhavgarh
10th Jun 10

Bengal Tiger in spotlight

Shot this tiger as it was passing through the forest, a small patch of...
Gaur Male Bandipur
28th May 10

Gaur – Largest Oxen in the world

Gaur (Male) often referred wrongly as bisons, these are some of the largest oxen...
Talat Khalid Wildlife Photographer Graph Paper Press
22nd May 10

My Site is now in Graph Paper Press Showcase List

Thx to Graph Paper Press my site is now in their Showcase List
21st May 10

Jhurjhura Tigress with her cubs – A sad end of a beautiful creature

This image is one of my most cherished moments of this Jhurjhura tigress with...
Stock Image Rights
19th May 10

Helpful information about copyright and licensing stock imagery

New site by Getty Images to educate people about the stock image rights.  Helpful...
Elephant Baby Eating Kabini Backwaters
17th May 10

Elephant Baby – Kabini Backwaters

This was shot near the Kabini backwaters in Nagarhole National Park, this was in...
Bengal Tiger Backlit Bandhavgarh
8th May 10

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright – Photo of the day

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright This place is a wildilfe photographers delight specially if you...
nature photography by john shaw
6th May 10

Great Nature Wildlife Photography Books

These are some of the Best books for learning Nature and Wildlife Photography, I...
2nd May 10

Asiatic Lion Census Gir 2010 concludes with a total of 411

The census for asiatic lions in Gir 2010 is over with 411 total lions....
30th Apr 10

Hanuman Langurs – Slide Show

Hanuman Langur Monkeys – Images by Talat Khalid Photographing Monkeys can be quite fun,...
Cattle Skull, Gir
21st Apr 10

Cattle Skull found in GIR- photo of the day

Some times skeletons form good subject to photograph, domestic cattle form a major portion...
Langur Baby Crying
17th Apr 10

Crying Langur Baby

This baby langur was crying like a human baby, this was the first time...
11th Apr 10

Free Photography Course by ArtWolfe

FREE Photography Course: @ArtWolfe teaches The Creative Eye in the #creativeLIVE worldwide classroom! –...
Mirchani Tigress Closeup
3rd Apr 10

Shooting Tigers – Tip2

Mirchani Tigress Closeup When shooting tigers, the key to a sharp good image especially...
Mirchani Tiger Cub
2nd Apr 10

Shooting Tigers – Tip1

Mirchani Tiger Cub After photographing tigers for so many years have learned a few...
11th May 09

Removing the tripod collar foot of 200400vr lens

Hi, I recently got the lencoat for my 200400vr lens and had to remove...
11th Aug 08

Rajmachi Camp Site

Again shot on one of my funtrips, this is from outside our tent in...
Lohagad Fort
2nd Aug 08

BW Plugin (Silver Efex Pro)

This was shot on one my casual funtreks to lohagad fort in Maharashta, near...
Nikon Dslr D300
19th Feb 08

D300 atlast !!!

Hey guys after a long wait and one that really made me think how...
3rd Feb 08

Digicabi Dehumidifier

Staying in mumbai can be a nightmare for your photographic equipment, you need to...
Nikor 200400vr lens
17th Jan 08

My New Toy

After a lot of reading, brain drain and going through almost most forums and...
Golden Young Asiatic Male Lion
15th Dec 07

GIR – the last frontier of the Asiatic Lion

(Panthera leo persica, locally known as Babber Sher, Sinh) As the year end gets...
13th Nov 07

Spyder2Pro Monitor callibration

Got my spyder2pro calibrator. Yes till now have been using the adobe gamma. Now...
20th Sep 07

Slide Show Added :)

Added slide show on my site. Found this very nice flash slideshow called Mono...
14th Sep 07

Welcome Holy Month of Ramzan

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahamtullahi Wa Barakatu. May Allah forgive our sins and bestow his...
13th Sep 07
10th Sep 07

Talat Khalid Photography Site

Hi all, On the 15th of august 2007 my site was launched after...
Asian Elephant Male Tusker - Kabini
15th May 06

A day with the Giants of kabini may 2006

Hi everyone, well this weekend on the 13th May 2006 afternoon I reached the...