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Legendary Tiger B2 Dead

[singlepic id=188 h=392 w=590 mode=web20] B2 the legendary tiger who dominated bandhavgarh forest for more than a decade is Dead. He was found injured most probably by some tiger near ghunghuti area, chauri village in shahdol district  which is far from bandhavgarh. The forest dept it seems tried saving him by giving treatment, unfortunately his time had come. He may have gone so far away due to the ever present danger of the new male in bandhavgarh who in recent […]

Bengal Tiger in Grass

Bengal tiger glimpse in grass

B2 the dominant Male Bengal Tiger looking through the Grass in Bandhavgarh N.P. After the rains the forest becomes lush green and every where you find the white kash flowers seen here in the background. Here a male tiger called b2 hidden entirely in grass looks through with just his head visible.