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Tag : Behaviour

tigress snarling kanha

Snarling Tigress

Photographed this tigress in kanha meadows. She crossed in front between the vehicles without diverting her path, while crossing she snarled casually at the vehicle in front. You have to be very focused & always alert with wildlife as this was only a one time pose and she was walking by fast, shot with nikon d300 + 200400vr lens.

crowned spotted deer

Crowned Deer

Photographed this cheetal (spotted deer) in Kanha national park. I had expected to see swamp deers adorned with grass but a cheetal was the least expected. My guide told me that cheetal males do adorn like this sometimes with grass to impress the females. This was the first time I had seen a spotted deer with a grass crown like this and it was an image i dont get to shoot frequently. I wanted to shoot a vertical frame but […]

B2 and the Langur

Tiger and the langur

Here a langur monkey sits near the entrance of a cave where the dominant male tiger of bandhavgarh sleeps. The langur was so curious that initial it would get close and after a glance run away, after a while he was sure the tiger is asleep and sat nearby. Curiosity is not just found in humans. It was a amazing moment to watch this guy.

bengal tiger bokha flehmen bgarh

Tiger – flehmen behaviour

Bokha one of the dominant males in bandhavgarh. He was courting a tigress nearby in the bush and this flehmen behaviour was seen when this fella came out of the bush for a brief moment. Shot with nikon D300 + nikor 200-400 vr @300 mm.

Hanuman Langurs – Slide Show

Hanuman Langur Monkeys – Images by Talat Khalid Photographing Monkeys can be quite fun, they are also not camera shy and very interesting characters, specially the young ones. Here’s a slide show of some Langur images, I loved it when the family of langurs in pench that was sitting together, the elders grooming, mothers taking care, and the young having fun playing 🙂