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tigress snarling kanha

Snarling Tigress

Photographed this tigress in kanha meadows. She crossed in front between the vehicles without diverting her path, while crossing she snarled casually at the vehicle in front. You have to be very focused & always alert with wildlife as this was only a one time pose and she was walking by fast, shot with nikon d300 + 200400vr lens.

Legendary Tiger B2 Dead

[singlepic id=188 h=392 w=590 mode=web20] B2 the legendary tiger who dominated bandhavgarh forest for more than a decade is Dead. He was found injured most probably by some tiger near ghunghuti area, chauri village in shahdol district  which is far from bandhavgarh. The forest dept it seems tried saving him by giving treatment, unfortunately his time had come. He may have gone so far away due to the ever present danger of the new male in bandhavgarh who in recent […]

Tiger Drinking

Tiger Drinking

Photographed this young tiger last year from mirchani tigress in bandhavgarh N.P.  After few days I heard he was sent to the zoo for some incident with a humans.

Collared Tigress Kanha

Tigress Closeup from kanha

After lot of cheetal and langur alarms calls and few distant glimpses for about an hour, I decided to wait near a jungle trail frequently used by tigers and other animals where we thought she would come out from. There was silence for about 15 mins and the wait to get a close look was nearing the end of our safari time. We thought she had settled down and would not come out but just as we were loosing hope […]

Bengal tiger backlit bandhavgarh

Bengal Tiger Backlit

For those who are not aware this is the new dominant male tiger from the famous bandhavgarh tiger reserve.  He has challenged and driven most of the male tigers from the tala zone of bandhavgarh. Due to his big territory he is seen in the tala zone once every 10-15 days. He is the son of the very famous tiger B2 who is himself the son of his more famous father charger.

Rajbehra Tigress in water

This was shot recently in bandhavgarh on 31 March 2011. Every time I passed this place I wondered how beautiful it would be if a tiger is near or in that water. One evening it just happened we followed the rajbehra tigress as it crossed in front of our vehicle and then went straight towards the lake. The evening light was perfect, the water still, the green sal reflection in the water created a magical atmosphere, it was magical we just […]

Tigress Barasingha Kanha

Glimpses of Kanha in January 2011

Wildlife Photography Tour, Kanha in January 2011. My First Wildlife Photo Tour of the year 2011 to Kanha was a success for me and my group and with sightings of almost all the mammals of kanha and a variety of birds and rare animal behavior. We were lucky to see so many animals as temp had dropped to almost -6 deg celcius(a record low for kanha) a few days before and sightings were very less. When I was there the […]

B2 and the Langur

Tiger and the langur

Here a langur monkey sits near the entrance of a cave where the dominant male tiger of bandhavgarh sleeps. The langur was so curious that initial it would get close and after a glance run away, after a while he was sure the tiger is asleep and sat nearby. Curiosity is not just found in humans. It was a amazing moment to watch this guy.

bengal tiger cub behind the tree

Tiger cub behind the tree

With more than 20 vehicles lined to photograph this tiger cub including the BBC team, I somehow managed to get space for my vehicle but with a tree right in front. Fortunately after some time this guy came and sat just behind that tree. At first I could’nt get a shot but then he started peeping at the vehicles curiously, one such moment is capture in this shot. After sometime he finally came out and sat waiting for his brother […]

Wild Tiger tour bandhavgarh november

Wild Tiger Photography Safari and Tour

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