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Royal Walk of Tigress Noor T39 in monochrome

Tigress noor t39 in monochrome at ranthambore walking behind our vehicle. The difference between walking behind or in front of the tiger. There was a no of vehicle who came later behind the tigress and my vehicle was the only one in front. A good driver and intuitive thinking plays a big role in getting the shot or getting nothing. photographed using d4s+200400vr+ricebag.

Young Tigress in monotone

An old image from bandhavgarh N. P. around 2011 approx that i never posted, must have processed it multiple times but was never satisfied. Finally today converted it to monochrome and I liked it. Some images are just meant to be seen without color. photographed nikon d300 + nikkor 200400vr + monopod.

tigress rajbehra bandhavgarh blackandwhite

Rajbehra tigress in black and white

Rajbehra tigress in morning sunlight at bandhavgarh N.P.. black and white. Photographed using nikon d800 + 200400vr + ricebag.

BW backlit langur

BW Backlit langur

The moment I shot this image I knew its not a good image in color but can be good in black and white. Sometimes images which dont even look like keepers in color turn out to be great BW. I used lightroom 4 to process it in bw. Langurs are such great subjects especially for backlit. Photographed this on my bandhavgarh tour using nikon d300 + nikkor 200-400 + monopod (or was it bean bag doesn’t matter as long as […]

Monotone Bird

Monotone Bird

Recently I started trying out black and white conversions in Lightroom 4, I am still trying to explore all the possibilities, LR definitely provides enough scope for some great B&W conversion. Hope you like this one.