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Tiger Cub Cooling in Water in Tadoba

Tiger Cub Cooling off

  Tiger cub cooling in the summer heat in Tadoba. Photographed using Nikon D4s + 200400vr+1.4x+beanbag.

Tigers crossing dry riverbed

  Tigers (mother and sub-adult cub) crossing the dry river bed rocks in corbett. It was fantastic sighting that started with this crossing and ended up with the mother posing later. (almost 2 hrs) and then we left the mother as the time for evening safari ended. posting this from train as I am traveling to ranthambore. photographed using nikon d4s+200400vr+1.4x+ricebag.

Tigress Noor Cub

Tigress Noor Cub

Remembering the fantastic sighting of Tigress ‪#‎Noor‬ with her 2 cubs in ‪#‎ranthambore‬ in june 2014, barely 4 months they were already curious and got close, always nice to stop and let the animals get close. photographed with nikon d800 + 200400vr + ricebag.

Tigress Noor with Cub at Ranthambore

Tigress Noor with cub

3-4 month old cub runs in front of mother Tigress Noor (T39) from Ranthambore another cub is shy and behind a tree. Later she stopped to milk feed her 2 cubs. First time for me to see a tigress feeding. Photographed using nikon d800 + nikkor 200-400 vr on bean bag.

Tiger cub playing with camera trap

Yesterday on our safari of Wildlife photo tours at bandhavgarh, we spotted tigress called kankatti with her 3 cubs who are just 4-5 months old. It was a fantastic experience to see small one playing and one of them in the above image just took out the camera trap while playing with it. I am sure the camera trap took some nice jaw pics of the cub. Posting from bandhavgarh between safaris cheers 🙂

Mirchani Tiger Cub

Shooting Tigers – Tip1

Mirchani Tiger Cub After photographing tigers for so many years have learned a few lessons. Sharing this so that you may find helpfull. When photographing tigers most of us can get so exited and thrilled that we tend to get lost in enjoying the moment and forget some basic things that need to be taken care of (myself included). When shooting a tiger you need to expose for the white areas on the face, they tend to easily get overexposed […]