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Tiger Cubs after Rains at Bandhavgarh

Tiger cubs after rain

Tiger Cubs after Rain. The rain stopped and these guys came out. The forest in October its so beautiful. Photographed using Nikon d4s + 200400vr + bean bag. #wildlifephototours #tigercubs #tiger #bandhavgarh #photooftheday

tigress cubs water tadoba talat

Tigress with cubs at waterhole

Fantastic sighting of tigress (maya) with her 3 cubs at the waterhole. it was a spectacle to watch her family. nikon d4s+200400+1.4x + ricebag.

tigress cubs bandhavgarh

Tigress with cubs

Fantastic sighting of Rajbehra tigress with her 4 little cubs. Hate to say i missed to capture all 5 in frame as I had only my 200400 lens and they were closure than 200 when they all came together and then crossed the road in front of us. this is the best I got you can see 3 cubs with mother. My guest got all 5 in frame, that makes me very happy and that was his first ever safari. […]

Tiger cubs of t39 Noor Ranthambore

Tiger cubs of t39 Noor Ranthambore

3-4 month old cubs from Ranthambore tigress Noor (T39). Even at 1600 ISO I was not getting enough shutter speed to freeze this young one speeding towards my camera. Not as sharp as I would prefer it still is one of my favourite. Photographed using nikon d800 + nikkor 200-400 vr on bean bag.

leopard with cubs at kanha

Leopard with 2 cubs

Recently on my tour of Kanha we were lucky on our last safari and saw this leopard family. We were the first vehicle on morning safari  in the sarhi zone and as we rushed to track tigers we heard a sambar call and slowed down and as we moved over the turns of the hilly terain trying to locate the area of the call we saw this family sitting on this rock. Being the only vehicle for about a minute […]

Jhurjhura Tigress with her cubs – A sad end of a beautiful creature

This image is one of my most cherished moments of this Jhurjhura tigress with her cubs of previous litter in Bandhavgarh National Park, shot in April 2008. (although due to the dust of all the vehicles rushing to see her and her cubs, made for a not so nice image).  These were moments that i was captivated with and in awe when I witnessed how a tigress can be so loving with her cubs. Unfortunately I heard the news that […]