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Sambar stag in kanha

Sambar stag

Sambar stag found just after the rains in Kanha’s sarhi zone. This is january in kanha and with rains the atmosphere was bliss. photographed with nikon d800 + nikkor 200400vr +rice bag.

hogdeer kaziranga

Hog Deer – Kaziranga

One of the best place to see and photograph Hog deer is kaziranga national park, also kaziranga is one of the few forest in India where the commonly found cheetal or spotted deer does not exist instead you see lots of hog deer.

Barasingha Golden light

Barasingha in Golden Light

Rare Barasingha or swamp deer, the Hard–ground barasinghas (Rucervus duvauceli branderi) is found only in Kanha. Shot this a few days ago in Kanha, this male was unusually comfortable walking on the dirt track used by vehicle and also by the tigers. He walked almost 1.5 kms with us. I like to take images that have a play of light and this one works well. The Golden light just reflects on his body and antlers. Shot with a nikon d300 […]