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Elephant calfs kaziranga

Elephant with calfs

Elephants are such a thrill to photograph whether young or old they are always fun. Of course you need to be careful not to get too close when they don’t want you to. This was photographed in kaziranga using Nikon D300 + nikkor 200-400 + monopod.

asiatic male elephant kaziranga

Asiatic Male Elephant

Photographing Elephants specially Tuskers (only male asiatic elephants have tusk and hence referred as tusker) is probably the most exciting things for me as a wildlife photographer. Once you photograph elephants and get close to them frequently & allow them to get close to you then you can never get the same excitement shooting any other animal. The adrenaline rush that a charging elephant generates is beyond compare and can be addictive if you have it frequently. Crazy as it sounds but […]

Asian Elephant Kaziranga

Asian Elephant in Kaziranga

Shot this male asian elephant in Kaziranga national park. The ash colored mud of kaziranga gives a unique character to these giants.

Image of Young Elephant Trunk Trumpeting

Image of Young Elephant trumpeting

This is an old image from my fav forest Bandipur, spent some amazing time here during my stay in bangalore, this young fellow was trying to show off and trying to scare us away, lovely character.

Elephant Baby Eating Kabini Backwaters

Elephant Baby – Kabini Backwaters

This was shot near the Kabini backwaters in Nagarhole National Park, this was in the rainy season so every thing was lush green and it was raining slightly, fortunately the gypsy (a commonly used 4×4 vehicle in indian forest) was covered so i could take these photos in the rain. The Kabini Backwaters is one of the best places to photograph Asiatic elephants. In summers the backwater is the place to be if you want to photograph Indian or Asiatic […]

Asian Elephant Male Tusker - Kabini

A day with the Giants of kabini may 2006

Hi everyone, well this weekend on the 13th May 2006 afternoon I reached the kabini jungle lodges resort, the weather seemed very nice and hot till late afternoon but then all of a sudden some dark clouds cooled the temperatures with a quick shower for about half an hour. I prayed for the rains to be stopped so that my evening shoot is not messed completely, and Walla my prays were answered, well the light was diffused and gorgeous, perfect […]