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Golden Asiatic Lion

Golden Asiatic Lion

The last of the asiatic lions are found in Sasan Gir, India. Photographed this majestic male lion one afternoon on my recent photography tour of Gir, Photographed with a nikon d300 + nikkor 200-400vr + monopod.

Cattle Skull, Gir

Cattle Skull found in GIR- photo of the day

Some times skeletons form good subject to photograph, domestic cattle form a major portion of the Gir Lions, this one a cattle skull probably a buffalo killed by lions. Wildlife photography is also about documenting what goes in the lives and around wildlife.

Golden Young Asiatic Male Lion

GIR – the last frontier of the Asiatic Lion

(Panthera leo persica, locally known as Babber Sher, Sinh) As the year end gets closer I wonder where I should go to feed my appetite for the wilderness, this time as usual i was almost focused on tiger country somewhere like Kanha or Bandhavgarh. Then out of shear curiosity or should i say my luck I contacted Mr. Yogendra Shah (the lion man as we all call him on INW). It was only due to his help that I decided […]