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Capped langur

Capped langur with baby backlit at kaziranga N.P. Photographed with nikon D4s+200400vr+1.4x.

Elephant calfs kaziranga

Elephant with calfs

Elephants are such a thrill to photograph whether young or old they are always fun. Of course you need to be careful not to get too close when they don’t want you to. This was photographed in kaziranga using Nikon D300 + nikkor 200-400 + monopod.

rhino mother & calf from kaziranga

rhino mother and calf

I was lucky to see this young one horned indian rhino probably few weeks old (maybe 1 or 2) with mother rhino on my visit to kaziranga last year. This time of the year when most people avoid it during rains just before park closed, it gave me a different perspective of the park and the rains made it lush green.

asiatic male elephant kaziranga

Asiatic Male Elephant

Photographing Elephants specially Tuskers (only male asiatic elephants have tusk and hence referred as tusker) is probably the most exciting things for me as a wildlife photographer. Once you photograph elephants and get close to them frequently & allow them to get close to you then you can never get the same excitement shooting any other animal. The adrenaline rush that a charging elephant generates is beyond compare and can be addictive if you have it frequently. Crazy as it sounds but […]

hogdeer kaziranga

Hog Deer – Kaziranga

One of the best place to see and photograph Hog deer is kaziranga national park, also kaziranga is one of the few forest in India where the commonly found cheetal or spotted deer does not exist instead you see lots of hog deer.

Asian Elephant Kaziranga

Asian Elephant in Kaziranga

Shot this male asian elephant in Kaziranga national park. The ash colored mud of kaziranga gives a unique character to these giants.

Rhino Color to Monochrome

Shot this recently one evening in Kaziranga on Although I love the color image I just wanted to convert it to a monochrome and see how it looks. Here is the BW conversion with a touch of sepia. I leave this to you guys to decide which one you think looks & feels better? Click to see more of kaziranga images

Rhino charging in kaziranga

Kaziranga – Land of the Indian Rhino

Just back from a fantastic week long trip to Kaziranga in the north-east corner state of india, Assam, known for its rhinos, and tea plantations. kaziranga is also home to other animals and birds including Bengal tigers, Water buffaloes, Asian elephants, swamp deers, hog deer, wild boars etc. It is also world heritage site and no doubt with so much diversity and beauty, I found it one of the most picturesque of parks found in India. Below are some my […]