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Leopard after sunset at bera

Leopard after sunset at Bera

Photographed this beautiful mother leopard at bera just after sunset. She was sitting there alone in the fading twilight. With light so little was not very promising but still I had to shoot this beauty, my nikon d4s pushed to iso 25000. (there was a time when I would fear shooting a ISO 400 film). I shot until i could not focus any more. This is one of the best shot in natural light I got before it was too […]

Leopard shooting with Nikon1 v3 and FT1 Adaptor

Leopard shooting with Nikon1 v3 and FT1 Adaptor

Leopard shooting with Nikon1 V3 and FT1 Adaptor + Nikkor 200400vr + 1.4x +beanbag in Bera. The small sensor gives 2.7x magnification with a Nikkor 35 mm lens so the effective focal length of 1450 mm is quite helpful in some situations. I also cropped the image about 20%. Shooting with the nikon1 v3 was an experience especially since I currently don’t have the EVF which I think is absolutely necessary for wildlife. Using the LCD at this high magnification is a […]

Leopard of Jawai Bera Hills

Leopard of Jawai Bera Hills

Leopard of Jawai Bera Hills. Photographed recently using Nikon D4s+200400vr+1.4x handheld

leopard with cubs at kanha

Leopard with 2 cubs

Recently on my tour of Kanha we were lucky on our last safari and saw this leopard family. We were the first vehicle on morning safari  in the sarhi zone and as we rushed to track tigers we heard a sambar call and slowed down and as we moved over the turns of the hilly terain trying to locate the area of the call we saw this family sitting on this rock. Being the only vehicle for about a minute […]

Tigress Barasingha Kanha

Glimpses of Kanha in January 2011

Wildlife Photography Tour, Kanha in January 2011. My First Wildlife Photo Tour of the year 2011 to Kanha was a success for me and my group and with sightings of almost all the mammals of kanha and a variety of birds and rare animal behavior. We were lucky to see so many animals as temp had dropped to almost -6 deg celcius(a record low for kanha) a few days before and sightings were very less. When I was there the […]

Leopard Stalking in Pench

Leopard Stalking in Pench N.P.

Leopards are very elusive and I find them to be the most beautiful of the big cats. After searching for them in Pench National Park, India for 2 days, found this young one for just a few moments while it was stalking. It was in sight for only a few seconds and disappeared into the forest after a few clicks.