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Male Tiger Eye Contact

Male Tiger Eye Contact

Photographed this male tiger coming straight towards my vehicle few days ago at kanha. Getting a tiger looking straight at you is always a great feeling especially when its not very far. Over hear i got lucky when he came out of the forest with no vehicle behind in the frame. Only 2 vehicles were in front of him while the majority were behind him. Although i was manually focusing (camera malfunction) got this one right. It so much easier […]

tiger closeup portrait photo bandhavgarh

Tiger portrait

Photographed this Young Male tiger called the Patiha male in Bandhavgarh tiger reserve last month on my photo tour. He was such a relaxed guy and so photographer friendly. The fact that he was surrounded by 10 or so vehicles did not bother him at all. I was lucky to be in the place with him facing me directly. The eye contact and pose made the day. After some photographs I just stopped shooting and enjoyed the presence of this […]