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Munna male tiger of kanha

Male tiger of Kanha

A male tiger walking in open meadows is a wildlife photographers delight. A male tiger walking straight towards you even for a few seconds exceeds that delight.  I had just such a sighting when i was recently on my wildlife photo tour of kanha. This tiger was there just for a few seconds literally and moved again to the meadow on the right. With all the other vehicles moving around, my own vehicle reversing, its easy to mess this. Some […]

Male Painted spurfowls confronting

Male Painted Spurfowls fighting

Shot with a Nikon D300 + Nikon 200-400vr lens These male painted spurfowls rarely seen in open in bandhavgarh were busy fighting, you can even see the blood marks on the lower right stones, brutal as it seems it is reality in nature. I spotted them fighting while passing by in the vehicle while tracking a tiger, from the time I stopped to when I photographed I got hardly a few seconds and few frames. Couldn’t get both the birds […]

Gaur Male Bandipur

Gaur – Largest Oxen in the world

Gaur (Male) often referred wrongly as bisons, these are some of the largest oxen species in the world. Males often grow very huge and muscular, its a site to see. This one from Bandipur National Park.