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Image of Young Elephant Trunk Trumpeting

Image of Young Elephant trumpeting

This is an old image from my fav forest Bandipur, spent some amazing time here during my stay in bangalore, this young fellow was trying to show off and trying to scare us away, lovely character.

Mirchani tigress in bandhavgarh

Wildlife Photography in India, some advice and tips to consider.

Hello my wild-lifer friends and Photographers, if you are visiting India for nature or wildlife photography and are new to India or rather new to wildlife reserves and national parks and sanctuaries in India then you may get some help or ideas to plan your trip in a better way by reading this article. Things to remember before starting your wildlife photography trip to India. What is your objective and target? This is important, try to make a list of […]

nature photography by john shaw

Great Nature Wildlife Photography Books

These are some of the Best books for learning Nature and Wildlife Photography, I have only mentioned books that I have read and found valuable. Nature Photography Field Guide – John Shaw This is perhaps the one book that every beginning nature or wildlife photographer must read. It gives you detailed information about every thing from the basics of photography, terminology, equipment, great tips and techniques even for the advanced amateurs. If you want to buy only 1 book to […]