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Leopard shooting with Nikon1 v3 and FT1 Adaptor

Leopard shooting with Nikon1 v3 and FT1 Adaptor

Leopard shooting with Nikon1 V3 and FT1 Adaptor + Nikkor 200400vr + 1.4x +beanbag in Bera. The small sensor gives 2.7x magnification with a Nikkor 35 mm lens so the effective focal length of 1450 mm is quite helpful in some situations. I also cropped the image about 20%. Shooting with the nikon1 v3 was an experience especially since I currently don’t have the EVF which I think is absolutely necessary for wildlife. Using the LCD at this high magnification is a […]

Rhino charging in kaziranga

Kaziranga – Land of the Indian Rhino

Just back from a fantastic week long trip to Kaziranga in the north-east corner state of india, Assam, known for its rhinos, and tea plantations. kaziranga is also home to other animals and birds including Bengal tigers, Water buffaloes, Asian elephants, swamp deers, hog deer, wild boars etc. It is also world heritage site and no doubt with so much diversity and beauty, I found it one of the most picturesque of parks found in India. Below are some my […]

Barasingha Golden light

Barasingha in Golden Light

Rare Barasingha or swamp deer, the Hard–ground barasinghas (Rucervus duvauceli branderi) is found only in Kanha. Shot this a few days ago in Kanha, this male was unusually comfortable walking on the dirt track used by vehicle and also by the tigers. He walked almost 1.5 kms with us. I like to take images that have a play of light and this one works well. The Golden light just reflects on his body and antlers. Shot with a nikon d300 […]

Tigress Running

Tigress Running

Posting after some time now from kanha, this is shot in Kanha a 2 days ago on our January tour. My tour group saw this tigress chasing a jackal, the jackal actual seemed to just stay there and call this tigress as if to divert attention towards it, probably trying to protect pups by diverting attention. the light here was perfect and one thing i observed here is the tigress coat is much brighter than most tigers i have seen. […]

Image of Young Elephant Trunk Trumpeting

Image of Young Elephant trumpeting

This is an old image from my fav forest Bandipur, spent some amazing time here during my stay in bangalore, this young fellow was trying to show off and trying to scare us away, lovely character.

Mirchani tigress in bandhavgarh

Wildlife Photography in India, some advice and tips to consider.

Hello my wild-lifer friends and Photographers, if you are visiting India for nature or wildlife photography and are new to India or rather new to wildlife reserves and national parks and sanctuaries in India then you may get some help or ideas to plan your trip in a better way by reading this article. Things to remember before starting your wildlife photography trip to India. What is your objective and target? This is important, try to make a list of […]


Beginners Guide to Wildlife Photography Equipment

Beginners Guide to Wildlife Photography Equipment. The most common question in the mind of a beginning wildlife photographer is about what camera, lens, and other gear should they buy to start. Every new comer in initial days needs this info and we all have gone through this often searching on the net, magazines, books etc. Most often people think that having the most expensive camera and biggest lens is equivalent to capturing great wildlife photographs. Well to tell you the […]

Wild Tiger tour bandhavgarh november

Wild Tiger Photography Safari and Tour

Bookings Open for Wild Tiger Photography Safari & Tour in november at bandhavgarh national park, India. Click for more details…

Hanuman Langurs – Slide Show

Hanuman Langur Monkeys – Images by Talat Khalid Photographing Monkeys can be quite fun, they are also not camera shy and very interesting characters, specially the young ones. Here’s a slide show of some Langur images, I loved it when the family of langurs in pench that was sitting together, the elders grooming, mothers taking care, and the young having fun playing 🙂

Cattle Skull, Gir

Cattle Skull found in GIR- photo of the day

Some times skeletons form good subject to photograph, domestic cattle form a major portion of the Gir Lions, this one a cattle skull probably a buffalo killed by lions. Wildlife photography is also about documenting what goes in the lives and around wildlife.