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peacock ranthambore monochrome

Peacock Sillhoutte

Peacock Silhoutte Shot at the entrance of ranthambore gate in the evening. photographed using d4s+200400vr.

Royal Walk of Tigress Noor T39 in monochrome

Tigress noor t39 in monochrome at ranthambore walking behind our vehicle. The difference between walking behind or in front of the tiger. There was a no of vehicle who came later behind the tigress and my vehicle was the only one in front. A good driver and intuitive thinking plays a big role in getting the shot or getting nothing. photographed using d4s+200400vr+ricebag.

Tigress Marking Territory Ranthambore

Sub adult Tigress sent marking her territory (one of the T19 Cubs in ranthambore), while all the vehicles were looking waiting for her brother who was eating the fresh wild boar, she walk un noticed behind us before I just turned and realised she was there. After which we moved the vehicle in front of her with sufficient space to get her in my 200400vr range. She walk without hesitation and later after marking entered the grass again. Photographed with […]

Young tigress staring

      Sub-adult tigress cub of tigress t19. staring at us after a snack of fresh wildboar that her brother is still eating in the grass on right. blood still on her lips. photographed this amazing tigress one after the other at ranthambore. Used Nikon d4s+200400vr+ricebag.

Tigress Noor Cub

Tigress Noor Cub

Remembering the fantastic sighting of Tigress ‪#‎Noor‬ with her 2 cubs in ‪#‎ranthambore‬ in june 2014, barely 4 months they were already curious and got close, always nice to stop and let the animals get close. photographed with nikon d800 + 200400vr + ricebag.

Tiger cubs of t39 Noor Ranthambore

Tiger cubs of t39 Noor Ranthambore

3-4 month old cubs from Ranthambore tigress Noor (T39). Even at 1600 ISO I was not getting enough shutter speed to freeze this young one speeding towards my camera. Not as sharp as I would prefer it still is one of my favourite. Photographed using nikon d800 + nikkor 200-400 vr on bean bag.

Tigress Noor with Cub at Ranthambore

Tigress Noor with cub

3-4 month old cub runs in front of mother Tigress Noor (T39) from Ranthambore another cub is shy and behind a tree. Later she stopped to milk feed her 2 cubs. First time for me to see a tigress feeding. Photographed using nikon d800 + nikkor 200-400 vr on bean bag.