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Tiger Cubs on Village Wall at Tadoba

Tiger Cubs on Village Wall

Tiger cubs on a old village wall in Tadoba. Photographed using Nikon d4s+200400vr. #wildlifephotography #wildlifephototours #tiger#wildtiger #photooftheday #nature #tadoba #nikon

Tigress maya in waterhole at tadoba

tigress cooling in waterhole

Tigress Maya of Tadoba cooling in the waterhole. Small details like the tail make the composition. The best park to see tigers in water is Tadoba in May (bookings still happening). Photographed using nikon d4s+200400vr+1.4x+beanbag. #tigress #tadoba#wildlifephotography #wildlifephototours #nikon #photooftheday#besttigertours #naturephotography

Tiger swimming in Tadoba

Tiger Swimming in Tadoba

Tiger swimming across the Telia lake in Tadoba. Photographed using the nikon d4s + 200400vr on beanbag.

Tiger Cub Cooling in Water in Tadoba

Tiger Cub Cooling off

  Tiger cub cooling in the summer heat in Tadoba. Photographed using Nikon D4s + 200400vr+1.4x+beanbag.

Tiger Matkasur Tadoba

Matkasur – Tiger King

Matkasur is the name of this handsome young tiger from Tadoba. I was awestruck the first time I saw him. Sitting just in front of another vehicle ahead of mine. The light was beautiful and this animal was handsome beyond doubt. The vehicle in front of me was positioned such that i could only shoot a close portrait although I would have also loved to shoot the background which was beautiful. Any way those who have gone on safari know […]

tigress cubs water tadoba talat

Tigress with cubs at waterhole

Fantastic sighting of tigress (maya) with her 3 cubs at the waterhole. it was a spectacle to watch her family. nikon d4s+200400+1.4x + ricebag.

Tigress in water at Tadoba

tigress in water

Tigress resting in water in tadoba. Photographed using nikon d800 + 200400vr + ricebag.

Indian garden lizard

Indian garden lizard

Indian garden lizard (‪#‎calotes‬ vesicolor). Common species can be great photo subjects. While at ‪#‎tadoba‬ waiting for a tiger found this lizard catching bees at a water body. busy with catching bees let us get close on ground. got as low as possible and shot this. taken with nikon 800 + 200400 + ricebag.

Tigress looking at sambar deers

Tigress watching sambar deer

Shot this in tadoba near the telia lake area. Its always nice to watch a tiger stalk and get close to its prey. This young tigress missed her chance to make the kill. photographed using nikon d300 + 200-400vr.

Pandarpuni Tigress of Tadoba

pandarpuni tigress from tadoba

My Favorite tigress from tadoba from pandarpuni area also called as pandarpuni tigress. She is one of the most photographer friendly tigress, this shot taken just before she past by my vehicle a feet away. She has given birth to 2 cubs, hopefully we will have a very good season next year with many cubs in tadoaba and elsewhere. shot with nikon d300 + nikkor 200-400 vr and bean bag.