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Tiger Cub

Tiger cub of the Rajbehra tigress, standing on the dirt track just before crossing. One after the other all the 4 tigers along their mother crossed in front of us. Amazing sighting it was. somehow managed this shot dodging few heads in front of me. photographed nikon d4s+200400vr handheld.

Tiger cub in kanha after rains

tiger cub at kanha

It was fantastic to stay inside kanha forest, the weather was teasing us, it rained for some days and even though the atmosphere was great and misty, it was quite difficult to get any good animal sightings especially tigers. The weather got better on this particular day and we saw this young tiger cub in the kanha zone. Tiger in green is not often seen, the lush green surrounding works well here. Shot with a nikon d800 + nikkor 200400vr […]

bengal tiger cub behind the tree

Tiger cub behind the tree

With more than 20 vehicles lined to photograph this tiger cub including the BBC team, I somehow managed to get space for my vehicle but with a tree right in front. Fortunately after some time this guy came and sat just behind that tree. At first I could’nt get a shot but then he started peeping at the vehicles curiously, one such moment is capture in this shot. After sometime he finally came out and sat waiting for his brother […]