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Tigress maya in waterhole at tadoba

tigress cooling in waterhole

Tigress Maya of Tadoba cooling in the waterhole. Small details like the tail make the composition. The best park to see tigers in water is Tadoba in May (bookings still happening). Photographed using nikon d4s+200400vr+1.4x+beanbag. #tigress #tadoba#wildlifephotography #wildlifephototours #nikon #photooftheday#besttigertours #naturephotography

tigress cubs water tadoba talat

Tigress with cubs at waterhole

Fantastic sighting of tigress (maya) with her 3 cubs at the waterhole. it was a spectacle to watch her family. nikon d4s+200400+1.4x + ricebag.

Tiger at waterhole Tadoba

Tiger at waterhole in tadoba

Photographed this Young Male about 4 yrs old known as the katejari male in Tadoba (TATR) 2 days ago on the afternoon safari. We heard the call saw it crossing the fireline (gaps in forest made to stop forest fires) he is known to use the same path so we knew he will come near the water hole so we waited and after some time there he was. he gently walked on the stones and touched the water gently to […]