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Golden Young Asiatic Male Lion

GIR – the last frontier of the Asiatic Lion

(Panthera leo persica, locally known as Babber Sher, Sinh) As the year end gets closer I wonder where I should go to feed my appetite for the wilderness, this time as usual i was almost focused on tiger country somewhere like Kanha or Bandhavgarh. Then out of shear curiosity or should i say my luck I contacted Mr. Yogendra Shah (the lion man as we all call him on INW). It was only due to his help that I decided […]


Talat Khalid Photography Site

Hi all, On the 15th of august 2007 my site was launched after a long waiting list. Till now i have been working on the site in bits and pieces and there still a long way to go. First i need to add some more images (atleast those that are my favourites). I think i ll start writing a bit more, cannot be sure i ll get time.:) regards Talat Khalid